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 [Updated roster question] No Macho???

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Iam Teh Chosen One
Iam Teh Chosen One

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PostSubject: [Updated roster question] No Macho???   Thu Apr 16, 2009 2:46 am

I looked at the roster which has been updated and macho isn't on it. Did he leave or is it just an error?

clarify please Reflex/Macho

"May God have mercy on my enemies, because i sure as hell won't"

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PostSubject: Re: [Updated roster question] No Macho???   Thu Apr 16, 2009 10:00 am

Macho was asked to leave the clan because he leaked important information such as the servers' rcon password without first consulting myself. He then enabled cheats on the server and gave several more people important information which was linked to such things as my paypal. This is unnaceptable and such behaviour will not be tolerated in this clan.

From now on anyone who joins the clan will be GUID checked and go through a thorough process that rates them on there skill, ability to donate, honesty and whether they are trustworthy. If they fail in any of these categories they will not be accepted and any current members will be immediately expelled from the clan.


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[Updated roster question] No Macho???
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