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 OG's Application

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PostSubject: OG's Application   Thu Apr 16, 2009 12:54 pm

Real name: OG
Screen name: ARABZ
Xfire username (required): badarabz
Age: 17...nearly Razz
Ventrillo + Mic (yes/no): yes maaarn
Favourite weapon/s and map/s: umm m40a3 YAY!
Why you want to join ={DZ}=: ummmm, cos like umm i was in the server right, then this guys like yo! nd im like hey duude? hes like wats up
then im like do i noe u? then hes like yeah man fully w/e bro and im lol ROFLSTICKS and then it was like EpicAwkwardSilence then i was like ima join dz and hes like ok *left the game*
Would you consider donating?: consider.
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OG's Application
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