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 ={DZ}= vS. LGC| ={DZ}= WIN

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={DZ}= vS. LGC|  ={DZ}= WIN Empty
PostSubject: ={DZ}= vS. LGC| ={DZ}= WIN   ={DZ}= vS. LGC|  ={DZ}= WIN EmptyThu Apr 23, 2009 1:49 pm

This was a very good performance shown by DZ clan. LGC| clan ended up forfeiting in a rage with only 1 round.

Thank you to ={DZ}=ReFlex, ={DZ}=StyleZ and ={DZ}=Meaty for playing.

Maps: Crossfire, Backlot, Overgrown

={DZ}= Clan --- 1
LGC| Clan --- Forfeit, instant win to Destination Zero

Best player award goes to all DZ players for the great co-operative work.

={DZ}= vS. LGC|  ={DZ}= WIN Shot0010
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={DZ}= vS. LGC| ={DZ}= WIN
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