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 ={DZ}= vS. -SoW- ={DZ}= WIN!

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={DZ}= vS. -SoW-  ={DZ}= WIN! Empty
PostSubject: ={DZ}= vS. -SoW- ={DZ}= WIN!   ={DZ}= vS. -SoW-  ={DZ}= WIN! EmptyWed May 13, 2009 12:38 pm

Congratz destination Zero clan another great win and great team work involved during this.. Apart from p90 nus lol

The scrim presented to day had a tally of :::: DZ-2 ::::: -SoW-1 :: best to 3

Thank you to... ={DZ}=ReFlex, ={DZ}=StyleZ, ={DZ}=Tonem and ={DZ}=Shazzam!!!!
Thankyou to also shazzam! for filling in here and there =)

Maps played out:::
---backlot- -SoW won 10-8
---pipeline - Dz WON 10-7
---crash - Dz WON 10-2

Round 1
={DZ}= vS. -SoW-  ={DZ}= WIN! Shot0027

Round 2
={DZ}= vS. -SoW-  ={DZ}= WIN! Shot0028

round 3
={DZ}= vS. -SoW-  ={DZ}= WIN! Shot0029

={DZ}= vS. -SoW-  ={DZ}= WIN! Dz_sig10

-Style with every kill
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={DZ}= vS. -SoW- ={DZ}= WIN!
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